Pregnancy Class


“I tend to lead a very busy life and find it difficult to make time for myself. Attending Kamal’s yoga classes during pregnancy has been very important to me. The classes have given me a regular opportunity to relax and to focus on the pregnancy and on my baby. I have learnt exercises and postures that have helped me to remain fit and healthy during pregnancy and that will give me some options for managing pain during labour. These have increased my bodily awareness and confidence in my ability to give birth naturally. The breathing techniques that Kamal teaches are excellent for relieving stress and tension both on a physical and emotional level and they have already helped me to stay calm during some difficult hospital appointments and I intend to use them during labour.”
– Katie

“I have found the pregnancy Yoga with Kamal very enjoyable as well as excellent preparation for the birth, physically, mentally and spiritually. Since starting the classes I have gradually felt more and more confident about giving birth as well as feeling closer and more connected to my baby. I feel the classes have contributed to what has been a very positive pregnancy.”
– Josephine

“ I put Scarlet to bed at 7.30pm and Payce was born in the water pool at 8.52pm!! I think that one of the reasons for my quick labour was down to yoga. I had been taking lessons for about 3 months during my pregnancy and through a combination of the breathing techniques and stretching exercises I really think it helped me to cope well with the labour.”
– Wendy


“I visited the yoga school for sound massages a couple of times during late pregnancy – I found it extremely therapeutic and relaxing, especially as I was overdue and feeling frustrated and physically uncomfortable. The sound massage seemed to clear my mind of worries and give me lots of positive energy which was very much needed at the time!” – Ruth


“Bringing my baby son Louis to yoga has been a great way for me to get some regular exercise and to socialise with other mums. I have had terrible back, neck and shoulder ache since giving birth and by practising the postures taught at the class, the pain has gone completely. Louis loves coming to the yoga school, and especially the Bhajan singing and musical instruments – he is always smiling when we’re there!” - Ruth 

“My daughter and I thoroughly enjoy the baby yoga sessions, they are a great way for both of us to stay flexible, have fun and bond. During the first few months it really helped improve my confidence in handling her. Chanting the mantras has a very positive effect on all the babies and gives us an improved sense of well being and inner calm.” - Lisa 

“The mother and baby yoga is great to relieve those aches and pains from breast feeding and carrying baby. Kamal creates a lovely relaxed atmosphere and the babies seem to sense it too.” – Wiz

“Kamal's mum and baby yoga is good for me and good for my baby. I find that spending time together in this way is containing and relaxing. It's a very friendly and warm space, and I often see my daughter shift in behaviour so that at the end of a session she is content and at ease.” - Esther