Weekly Class


“After the stresses and strains of London Life Kamal’s yoga classes bring me back down to earth.”
– Shaun

“My work is extremely stressful. I work with homeless people and drug addicts on a daily basis. After the yoga classes I feel peaceful and relaxed. They set me up for the weekend.”
– Joe

“The class is challenging which I like”
– Bonnie

“Has really helped me to control my stress levels. I feel much healthier. Has helped me to improve my diet.”
– Diana

“In May last year I was off work for a month and a half suffering from acute low back and neck pain as well as severe insomnia. I had numerous physiotherapy sessions which helped a bit but the recovery was painful and slow. I was recommended to start Yoga classes with Kamal by my friend who already attended the classes. She praised Kamal very highly. From the very first lesson I knew why. It was so different from the over-crowded Yoga classes offered by most of the City Gyms where at least 80 deeply stressed people who came straight after work or during their lunch break are trying to benefit from Yoga. You can almost feel the negative energy in the air and it is impossible to relax in such conditions. Kamal's lessons are very different. The group is maximum 8 people and the whole house is immersed in the atmosphere of tranquillity. Kamal is very friendly but strict and a very professional and dedicated Yoga teacher. In the beginning I was coming just once a week but soon started to do 2 classes a week and sometimes even 3. In less than a month I forgot all about my back and neck problems. The effect was unbelievable! I also benefit a lot from breathing exercises which we do in the beginning of each class. I noticed the effect when I run in a gym for 30 minutes and I am not even out of breath. Now, after almost half a year of regular classes my back has never been better and I have no longer troubles with my sleep.”
– Irina