Sound Massage with Tibetan Singing Bowls and Gong

We all know how deeply we are affected by sounds, for example romantic music in a film, sounds of the ocean, birds' song in the woods, classical music etc. Sound has a deep effect on our emotions and psyche.

Sound Massage with Singing Bowls has been used since ancient times in India and especially in the Himalayas for healing. The sacred scriptures of India state that men have been created from vibration/sound.

 Tibetan Singing Bowls Treatment

Most of us are “out of tune” with our complex physical and subtle bodies. People suffer physical pains and aches such as headaches and migraines, lack of energy, joint pains, digestive problems, organ dysfunction, sciatica, back problems etc or mental and emotional pain like low self-esteem, hyperactivity, anxiety, depression, fears and worries.

 Tibetan Singing Bowls
 Tibetan Singing Bowls Treatment

Sound massage with the singing bowls has shown a remarkable and swift improvement in many cases with physical or mental and emotional pain. Pains seem to melt away and one feels that emotional heaviness like worry or depression is lifted, leaving one to feel a pleasant lightness. The energy body, the aura, is cleared and one feels refreshed and as if a burden taken off one’s shoulders.

The sound massage affects each cell of the body. We can take the example of a lake. When a stone is thrown in it, the stone creates concentric movements of the water in this way the whole of the lake is put into motion. Similarly, when sounding the singing bowls on or near the body the vibration of the sound reaches each and every cell via the water in our body. Our body consists of about 80% of water and Dr. Masaru Emoto has proven in his extensive research that water is an excellent carrier of information. The healing sound vibration will gently flow into the body, affecting the structure and health of cells and organs favourably. Disease is a disharmony of the vibration of the cells, tissues, organs and the sound massage has an immediate beneficial effect starting to bring the vibrating cells back into its harmonious state.

The subtle vibration can be very precisely directed by placing the singing bowls on or near a tensed area of the client’s dressed body. The bowls are struck with a felt mallet. The issuing vibration leads to first loosening the stagnant energy and then helps it to be rearranged.

Hearing and being bathed in the harmonious sounds leads to rapid and effective deep relaxation and undo stress. They help you to deal effectively in daily life and enhance your creativity. New energies will be freed and self-healing will be mobilised.

The rich overtones take you into a very deep place inside yourself – rarely experienced by people – from there clarity may appear in the way of seeing solutions about long-held problems which may come as a flash of an image into your mind.

The only requirement for the client is to listen.

Sound massage helps in all areas of our Being:

  • Deep muscle relaxation
  • Mental clarity
  • Alleviating physical pain, e.g. joints, sciatica, digestive, headache and migraines, damaged discs, backache, abdomen, bad circulation
  • The nervous system is saturated with positive energy through the massage and this has a beneficial knock-on-effect on all the other systems (e.g. digestive, circulatory, glandular, lymphatic, cardio-vascular); all body systems are connected with each other.
  • Increasing the harmonious functioning of cells, tissues and organs
  • Relieving of tension and blockages
  • Releasing of toxins from the body
  • Letting go of present or past negative patterns, e.g. of past relationships or addictions
  • Increasing energy and strength to help in our daily life
  • Releasing of mental and emotional pains: low self-esteem, worries, fears, anxiety and depression
  • Increasing self-confidence, creative and productive potential
  • Leaving a positive feeling for oneself and others
  • Achieving more balance and harmony in your life
  • Experience of bliss.

The name “singing bowl” almost undervalues its massive potential. The bowls have specific vibrations which hit our energy bodies – this causes a massive effect on the human being.

Kamal is a certified Tibetan Sound Massage Practitioner. The singing bowls she uses are of the highest quality and made of 12 metals crafted by traditional singing bowl craftsmen.

Seven metals are corresponding to 7 planets, e.g. gold-sun, silver-moon, copper-venus…..In addition to these 7 metals there are 5 further metals carefully chosen to help with:

  • energy increase and productive potential
  • correct functioning of the digestive system
  • strengthening the lungs
  • combating joint inflammation
  • the release of tensions

In addition there is a small piece of an ancient bowl added to act as a transformer of ancient wisdom.

Everyone including children, pregnant ladies and the elderly can enjoy the positive vibrations for body, mind and soul created by the gentle massage of Tibetan singing bowls. The treatments are tailor-made. You may enjoy occasional treatments as a special treat or you may want to have more consecutive treatments to help shift more blockages. After the treatment Kamal will also give tips which you are advised to incorporate into your lifestyle for helping you to be happy and on top of everything.

Treatments. At the Chaithanya Yoga School: 1 hour/£40.

Treatments are at the School in a very serene and tranquil environment. Please enquire for visits at your home or other venues. Groups are welcome to invite Kamal for treatments, or for sound relaxation sessions.

Please contact Kamal, Tel: 020 8699 6980, email: for enquiries and to book.

Please visit my website SOUND BLISS (solely on the subject of Sound Massage & Sound Bath with Tibetan Singing Bowls and Gong)


“an amazing experience … I feel mental clarity … lightness in my joints … my backache is gone … felt deeply relaxed … feel very refreshed, better than having been on a 2 weeks’ holiday … felt like entering into a different world … felt blissful.”

“I visited the yoga school for sound massages a couple of times during late pregnancy – I found it extremely therapeutic and relaxing, especially as I was overdue and feeling frustrated and physically uncomfortable. The sound massage seemed to clear my mind of worries and give me lots of positive energy which was very much needed at the time!” – Ruth

"I have never known anything to relax me so deeply and instantly. The sounds penetrate the body in such a powerful way that you feel you are a part of its vibration."  - Roz 

"I had sound massage to treat an area in my shoulder that had been painfully knotted for many weeks. A couple of days later, there was no trace of pain!" - Dave

"Kamal’s Sound Therapy is a truly wonderful experience. It is deeply relaxing and it has helped me clear energetic blockages after surgery, thereby speeding up my recovery.  I love the way the vibration of the bowls transcends through every fibre of the body. It is amazing how sound can achieve that perfect balance between letting go and grounding, leaving you ‘floating’ home." - Lisa

"It's hard to describe the sensation of a sound massage, but it's a bit like being bathed in deep, overwhelming vibrations. It's a totally unique experience. I would recommend it to anyone who is curious or needs treatment for a particular problem."  - Tracy