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The workshops held at the School are very intense and resemble the experience of a day spent in an Ashram. Workshops start at 8.30am and finish at 6pm (optional programme on the previous evening). Many aspects of yoga are covered - 2 yoga posture sessions, breathing exercises, relaxation, chanting, meditation, talk on a particular yoga subject, eating a wholesome and healthy lunch in a meditative way.

Kamal also conducts half-day workshops with various different themes (e. g. Pranayama - breathing exercises; Mantra Yoga; Hatha Yoga).

SUN SALUTATION WORKSHOP, a flowing sequence of yoga positions synchronised with the breath, which helps to improve your overall health. Even if you just practice 15 minutes daily.

HEADSTAND WORKSHOP - learn the King of the Asanas (Yoga Postures). The headstand has numerous overall health benefits hence it is known as King of the Asanas. Before attending the workshop, you need to have worked on strengthening your stomach and arm muscles. If you are not attending my classes I can give you some tips how to strengthen these areas before coming to the workshop.

Some of the benefits of the headstand: more blood supply to brain and spine. Alleviation or disappearance of illnesses of eyes, ears, nose, neck and nerves. Alleviates varicose veins, constipation, kidney problems. Helps asthma sufferers as the lungs get cleansed. Increases the blood circulation in the scalp - which can lead to lessening of loosing one's hair - and to the  face (reduction of getting wrinkles in the face). The headstand is rejuvenating. It increases muscular coordination, balance & poise, concentration, courage; it improves brain functions such as memory, concentration, mental clarity, will power. There are some contra-indications, in these cases the person needs to perform various yoga techniques to get rid of the condition before embarking on the headstand - one such example is high blood pressure.


 Yoga session at 23 Parbury Rd