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Special poses, breathing, visualisation techniques and meditation for a joyful pregnancy and easier delivery.

  • Increases energy levels
  • Keeps the body flexible
  • Helps common ailments such as backache
  • Relieves stress
  • Strengthens the bond between mother and unborn baby
 A Pregnancy Class at the School

Classes are suitable for pregnant women at any stage of pregnancy and can be attended from week 12 of pregnancy.

Kamal has written and published an article on “yoga for pregnancy” in the National Child Birth Trust Newsletter in January 2003. For a copy of the article please contact the School.

Kamal also conducts workshops on labour and birth preparation for pregnant women and their birthing partners. The workshop will cover specific breathing techniques which can be used in labour for pain management, and visualisation, exercises to keep active, massage, birthing positions, birth rehearsal and deep relaxation. The workshop lasts 2 hours; the fee is £15 per person. See Event page for dates.

You are welcome to purchase the Pregnancy CD (£10) containing Yoga exercises, Breathing Techniques for Pregnancy and for use during Labour together with visualisations; Birth Rehearsal and deep relaxation.

"Mantra and Prayers" CD (£7) is available chanted by Kamal. All the prayers and mantras we use in the class are on this CD. You can chant along with it, or just lie down and listen to the pure sounds. You will feel deeply relaxed. For more information click on "Meditation and Chanting" in the box above.

In addition to the yoga Kamal highly recommends for pregnant women to have regular sessions of Sound Massage. Ideally throughout the pregnancy or for the last 6 weeks before birth. Sound Massage takes the person very fast into deep relaxation and helps with the release of fears or other difficult emotions which some women may experience. We also add appropriate affirmations (positive statements) to go into the subconscious mind into the sound massage session - this will help to have a positive effect for the labour/birth experience. The sound massage also attracts positive energies of higher dimensions for the client and the unborn baby. For more information on Sound Massage, please click on the contents list on your left "sound massage".

“I visited the yoga school for sound massages a couple of times during late pregnancy – I found it extremely therapeutic and relaxing, especially as I was overdue and feeling frustrated and physically uncomfortable. The sound massage seemed to clear my mind of worries and give me lots of positive energy which was very much needed at the time!” – Ruth

After the Baby is born, Kamal offers "Mum & Baby Yoga" classes. This is an excellent way of relaxing, fun exercise for both, baby stretches, helps to get mum's body back in shape after birth; breathing exercises to calm the nerves and energies, an opportunity to meet new mums in the area and we also sing bhajans with musical instruments which is very calming for the babies.


“Bringing my baby son Louis to yoga has been a great way for me to get some regular exercise and to socialise with other mums. I have had terrible back, neck and shoulder ache since giving birth and by practising the postures taught at the class, the pain has gone completely. Louis loves coming to the yoga school, and especially the Bhajan singing and musical instruments – he is always smiling when we’re there!” - Ruth 

“My daughter and I thoroughly enjoy the baby yoga sessions, they are a great way for both of us to stay flexible, have fun and bond. During the first few months it really helped improve my confidence in handling her. Chanting the mantras has a very positive effect on all the babies and gives us an improved sense of well being and inner calm.” - Lisa 

“The mother and baby yoga is great to relieve those aches and pains from breast feeding and carrying baby. Kamal creates a lovely relaxed atmosphere and the babies seem to sense it too.” – Wiz