The science of yoga is a system of self-development. The Sanskrit word “Yoga” means “Union” – the union of our individual soul with the Supreme Being or Cosmic Soul, which is perfect harmony, light and love. Various yoga techniques practised on a regular basis affect our body, mind, emotions and spirit, leading to perfect harmony. These techniques need to be incorporated into one’s lifestyle - only then will the student feel and experience great positive changes and all round well-being.

Some photos of the classical yoga postures.

 Headstand variation

BENEFITS: By attending a weekly class the student will feel benefits such as sleeping better, being less tensed in challenging situations and having a brighter outlook on life. The body will become stronger and less stiff, having reduced or no pain, and the immune system will be strengthened, which in turn reduces susceptibility to colds and other ailments. Regular attendance also gives inspiration for home practice.

The incorporation of daily or 3xweekly yoga practice (including positive thinking, yoga exercise, yoga breathing, relaxation, wholesome natural eating habits, prayer and chanting, meditation, awareness in daily life etc) is necessary to experience changes more rapidly. One’s will-power will be strengthened enormously. Having gained stronger will-power one can embark with great energy on projects that one would like to accomplish.

 Fish posture
 Seated Forward Bend posture

General Class sequence: At the beginning and end of each class there is a relaxation period to remove stress and rest the whole system.

A short Sanskrit prayer or mantra is chanted to create harmonious vibrations and to help spiritualise the yoga practice. In the beginners course a short talk introduces some of the many aspects of yoga.

Breathing Techniques (Pranayama) are conducted from 5-15 minutes to energise the body and calm the mind and emotions.

Warming-up exercises or the Sun Salutation with variations prepare the body and mind well for the yoga postures (Asanas) which strengthen and encourage the proper functioning of all the body systems such as the inner organs, digestive system, endocrine gland, muscular structures, skeletal system, nervous system and release physical and mental tension. The yoga positions tone the body and make it very supple; Balance and concentration are increased manifold. The Asanas are held with full awareness on the breathing, and the main area the posture works. Later in the yoga practice when concentration has increased, the awareness during the posture work can also be changed from the breath to the mantra or mantra/breath/chakra/body or combination of it.

Occasionally time is spent on meditation, sanskrit chanting or concentration on a positive thought. Generally there is not enough time in the class for meditation. This is why we have a monthly Satsang (Meditation and chanting).

Please click below for the SUN SALUTATION video clip.


Kamal has written and published articles on detoxification, reducing stress and yoga for pregnancy. An introductory article 'How Yoga Can Help You' is available on-line here. For details of other articles please contact Kamal.